Preparing for the Summit

October 21st, 2016

We’re getting ready for tomorrow’s Full Indie Summit, putting in some final touches to try and impress folks. The pirates are at last in the game and working quite well. Well, at least four of them are so far. Definitely still feel like they need a couple more units before they feel complete. But even at this stage they make all the earlier enemies look pretty bad. These pirates have better models, better animations, and perhaps most importantly a much wider variety of abilities. Many of the older enemies really just have the same basic attack, with slightly different stat lines to go with it. Meanwhile, two out of the four pirates have 2 abilities, and one of them has 3. And they’re pretty varied too, both visually and mechanically. There’s bomb throwing with splash damage, knife throwing, bleeding effects, and a double strike ability where the character attacks twice in one action. The animation load is getting pretty significant though, especially with the new multi-directional recoil animations that every character has. Still I’m managing to churn these things out at a pretty good clip. Even with all the new mechanics I’m averaging about 1 character per day. And that’s not too bad, really.

Although now that the pirates are turning out so well, I’m rather inclined to go back and redo a lot of the older enemies. They look rather old and boring, and I’m no longer entirely happy with their design direction. But redoing stuff has been one of the key slowdowns in the course of this project. It seems unavoidable though. I keep getting gradually better and continue coming up with better solutions. Leaving the old things in place to be outshined by the new is hardly acceptable.

Our kickstarter is still chugging along, now just a few bucks short of eleven thousand, which puts us at about 58% of the way to our goal. But with only 11 days left to go there is still something of a mountain to climb. The summit should be good for us though; we’ll try to hand out nearly all of our promo cards there. After the kickstarter they’ll be entirely useless, and we don’t have much else coming up in the way of events.

In other news we now at last have a mac version of the alpha demo out. From now on I’ll be publishing all new builds for both PC and Mac. That might get us some new mac converts I suspect.

We also finally got some decent views on a video, thanks to this Baron fellow. By far the biggest streamer we’ve managed to snare thus far.

Check it out:

– Peace and good summiting


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