September 30th, 2016

Got the pirate faction card done finally, featuring the Cutthroat, an all new enemy type. The next one I want to make is a barrel bomb throwing pirate. The idea is pretty simple; he just starts with a single powerful bomb and after throwing it switches to a dagger. This will be the first enemy with a proper AoE attack since I made the Shaper Priest (which can’t even appear in the current demo). I really like the concept of single use actions, and want to do a lot more with it. Makes it possible to have very powerful abilities without risking a complete steamroll over the player. You can also bait out an attack like this, either with an expendable character or your main tank who’s sturdy enough to take the hit. I also want this bomb thrower pirate to blow up if you manage to kill him while he still has the bomb. Which makes it dangerous to engage him in melee, but can actually do a ton of damage to the enemy if you play your cards right.

Oh and we sailed past 30% funded yesterday! We’re now nearing $7,000 on our third day, which is pretty exciting. I still expect things to get harder down the road, but we’re definitely continuing a great start here.

Take a quick gander at the pirates:


– Peace and barrel bomb pirates


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