So Far on Track!

September 28th, 2016

Our campaign certainly hasn’t maintained its crazy pace from the first hour, but we do seem to be on track to succeed. About 8 hours after going live we’re sitting at 60 backers and $1776 in pledges. The rule of thumb is that you should make about 30% of your goal in the first 3 days, and we’re sitting at 9% now. Even if you account for the spikiness of the first hour it’s looking good. Kicktraq’s trend right now is pointing us at over 60k, but that seems highly unlikely. At the moment I’m expecting us to get a bit over our target, perhaps hitting our first stretch goal at 22k, or maybe the second one at 25k.

But that certainly doesn’t mean we get to sit on our haunches and watch the sweet dollah bills roll in. We’ll need to keep hustling at full speed to maintain momentum. After the first few days we’ll start to run out of close friends, family and pre-pledged supporters, and will have to start relying on people who know nothing about us beyond what they see on the campaign page. We’ll have to maintain a regular pace of updates, keep very active on social media, work closely with all of our media contacts, and perhaps do a small targeted ad spend as well.

For our first update I want to drop in the faction card for the pirates. This is a faction I’ve wanted to do for a good while, and it’s going to form part of our 4 core enemy factions. If we manage to hit the 30k goal we’ll add a 5th one as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in some solid dev time over the coming week or so. GameStormers wants to reveal something new at around the two week mark, and I feel that should be the pirates. I’ll have to get at least 3 of their units ready. They ought to be pretty different from what’s currently in the demo.

Now I’ve gotta go make some promo cards and prepare for the launch party!

– Peace and staying on track


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