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Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Our Kickstarter campaign finished off with quite the bang! After a crazy last few days, our final funding tally sits at a very comfortable $32,756. It’s not such a bad start to Iron Tides, and seems to prove pretty handily that there is at least some kind of audience out there for this game. Once we also get a modest loan, we’ll be able to not only pay our remote contributors but also take home a bit of pay ourselves.

But there’s little time for sitting on our laurels and basking in the glory. Having hit our first three stretch goals, there’s more work than ever on my plate. We’re still aiming to do early access in April, and getting there is not going to be a cake walk. Hopefully we can bring an artist on board at some point to at least help produce some environment assets. Carina has been looking at a few students from the Art Institute who really want to work with us, but I think their contribution is inevitably going to be very modest. There’s two in particular that she’s interested in, and their expertise appears to be in systems design and UI/UX. That could be useful, but it remains to be seen how quickly we can even on-board them. As part of their school program they can only do one full day per week for six weeks, which is barely any time at all. Although if they get really passionate about Iron Tides they may come on board with us as free interns after their program is finished. And then once we get some revenue or a funding source we can start paying people actual salaries.

– Peace and ample funding (cause starving is never fun)


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