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My Glorious Comeback

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Well, I seem to have abandoned my blog for a full two months there. And I have no clever excuses for it. I didn’t go off traveling around the world or decide to become an accountant. Blog writing just started to feel like an unnecessary chore, left casually by the wayside as other priorities intervened. But astonishingly enough someone still seems to read this silly scrawl, so I guess I ought to keep hacking away at the beast until its form and function are at last revealed. All this ranting about game mechanics can’t be good for my digestion, and philosophizing about the meanings and definitions of game genres might just give me a headache. I could of course write about my game projects, but those proceed at far too a glacial pace to fill out a blog. Of course I could get down to the nuts and bolts, and talk about the techniques I used to make a button blink, but that might not make for the most enthralling tale.

You know, I originally decided to make this blog because I wanted a third navigation button on my website. Two buttons just didn’t seem like enough. Given that history, perhaps this aimlessness isn’t all that surprising.

In any case, these past two months have not been wasted on anything frivolous. They have, in fact, resulted in a game that is just one layer of polish away from being finished. It’s quite different from what I’ve made thus far, and in my humble opinion is the best of the bunch. It is a game of grand strategy that will send you all the way back to the 4th century BCE. A quick preview is in order, I think:

I’ve also started work on a Facebook game. It’s still early in pre-production but I’m quite enthusiastic about the concept. There is one other guy working on the game, and in time the team may grow even bigger still. Don’t want to give away too many trade secrets though, lest our competitors steal all of our ideas.

For the time being I’m planning to devote a substantial but nonetheless part-time slice of my weekly schedule to working on this project, still leaving enough time to work on some solo stuff. I have a certain obligation to make a sequel to Rise of the Castle, some of which is done but is a long way from being finished. And after that’s taken care of, I may start work on a zombie tower defense game. Perhaps not the most original idea in human history, but it seems like a fun and fast project.

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