Preview – SFK Units

March 1st, 2011

I have a tentative title for my next game now, but for the moment I’ll just refer to it as SFK. Don’t want to give people any ideas in case they like the name so much they’ll take it from me. Also, it’s not hammered in stone quite yet, but I do like it quite a bit. Coming up with a game name isn’t always easy, by the way; this time it took me more than a month to settle down on one. So many names are already taken by something else, and I’m being especially careful now not to step on anybody’s else’s IP. There’s an X-Box Live Arcade / iPhone game called ‘Scrap Metal’ (which looks pretty cool actually), and the devs were a little unhappy with ‘Scrap Metal Heroes’. That got sorted out amicably enough, but I may not always be so fortunate.

I fear one day in the distant future the industry will all but run out of names, and the only recourse left will be to constantly invent new words and strings of unintelligible gibberish. Names like Aaaaa! and VVVVVV will become the norm. Especially in the case of the somewhat cliched X-of-Y style names it seems like about half of the reasonable ones are already being used. It’s actually rather interesting brainstorming out names and then googling them; there’s a lot of obscure games out there you end up coming across.

But this post wasn’t really meant to be about names. It’s really all about shiny armor, like the kind on these guys:

This is only a small sample, of course. I’m planning to have 22 different units in the game, so about the same as in ADoE. Although this time, there will be many more factions, so they’ll have to learn how to share all the awesome.

I’ll make sure to reveal some more information soon (and there may be a beta coming in about two weeks) but right now I really should go walk the dogs. Cheers.

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