February 26th, 2015

Came up with a pantheon today! Enjoy:

The Pantheon of Imperia has five gods, all female. They are often referred to as the five sisters, and are typically represented in the form of a five-pointed star. Each point of the star has a shape particular to the goddess it represents.


Fortuna – Goddess of Luck and Fate

Description: Fortuna weaves the threads of life that bind mortal souls, and swings the odds of life and death in favor of those she likes. She appears as a blind woman, her eyes wrapped by white cloth, carrying the great scale that balances the forces of the universe.

Symbol: Scale


Minerva – Goddess of Wisdom and Secrets

Description: Minerva brings the wisdom of the gods to the mortal realm, whispering her mighty secrets into the ears of those she favors. By her word great inventions are crafted, brilliant creeds written, and vast empires torn asunder. Above it all she watches patiently, clad in a cowl of blue and black, with the all-knowing owl perched on her shoulder.

Symbol: Owl


Aurora – Goddess of Order and Renewal

Description: Aurora is master of the air and the great cycles of nature. She rides across the sky on the back of a great golden eagle, keeping company with her brother, the sun. She wears streaming robes of yellow and green.

Symbol: Eagle


Bellona – Goddess of War and Strength

Description: Bellona rides a chariot pulled by four bulls, or else she sweeps over the battlefield on her flaming wings. She drives the feral tempers of humankind, gives courage where it is most needed, and brings great victory to the worthy.

Symbol: Bull


Morgana – Goddess of Death and Sacrifice

Description: Morgana is the gatekeeper between mortal life and the great beyond. She sits in judgment of the fallen, and manipulates mortal affairs to the benefit of the underworld. Her skin appears ashen, and serpents writhe within her hair.

Symbol: Serpent

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