Full Indie Game Showcase

October 28th, 2011

So, I was at the Full Indie Game Showcase yesterday, with about a hundred other indie developers from the Vancouver area. Eight promising games got presented and played, while many a business card was handed out. Hell, I gave out no less than three of my own. If I keep up this rate every month, I’ll go through my stack in only another 25 years!

Here are some of the more interesting games from the meet:

Invasion Earth: 1953: Side-scrolling shooter meets ‘Destroy All Humans’ as your lone UFO must face Earth’s assembled military might. (http://invasionearthgame.com/)

Boomtown Takedown: Very impressive vehicle combat game from a team of three after only two months work! The only game I know that lets you toss people into a meat grinder on the back of a humvee. (http://boomtowntakedown.com/)

Waveform: Incredibly simple to pick up but tricky to master. In Waveform you have to modify the wavelength and amplitude of a light wave in order to save the galaxy!(http://edenindustries.ca/blog/?page_id=64)

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra: Looks like a pretty unique combat racer with some fantastic art. Make sure to check it out. (http://skypiratesneo.com/)

Sword of the Stars II: Personally, I don’t think this quite qualifies as indie anymore but it does look very interesting. I’ll probably pick it up eventually despite the somewhat high price. (http://www.swordofthestars.com/)

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