Spawning little warrior men is fun

February 23rd, 2010

I’ve been playing a bit of Warlords: Call to Arms, and I can kinda see why it’s so popular. It may be dead simple and ugly as sin, but spawning all those little dudes is strangely addictive. And I like the lane combat mechanic; it’s almost like chess with a few more corpses. It’s also computing friendly, with only a single dimension to use for collision checks. Battles with this mechanic could potentially be pretty massive without any lag.

But Warlords did grow tiresome quickly. Each battle seemed awfully similar, there was no AI doing anything on the strategic level, and I didn’t feel like buying new units was all that helpful. A powerful unit wasn’t much more effective because of the long cool down you had to sit through. Which was another thing I didn’t care for; just plain boring waiting out those long cool downs.

It seems like a lot more could be done with this concept.

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