Final Days!

October 28th, 2016

Our campaign is now entering the home stretch. It’ll come to a close on Tuesday, and I’ll be streaming through the weekend along with my partner Carina and her roommate James. We’ll have some viking gear for the occasion (fortunately Halloween is right around the corner, so no one is going to give us any funny looks), and James has volunteered to perform dares. Should be fun.

As for the funding, things are going quite well. We’re now sitting at 84% funded, with only another 3k to go until the finish line. Our marketing reach is still pretty small, but we do have the beginnings of a real fan base here. And the local Vancouver community has been amazing in supporting us. With the twitch stream and one last raid of a local studio (visiting Capcom on Monday) I’m almost certain we’ll get what we need to dash over the line.

After that we can breathe a bit easier and give back a little to all the fantastically talented people who’ve helped us get this far. But we’ll still have a long way to go before this game is where it needs to be. I believe we can release into¬†early access by the spring, but we will need to hustle if we’re going to make it. I’m also hoping we can eventually spare some money to hire a 3D artist. Doing both the art and programming (on top of being the lead designer) turns out to be really time consuming.

Oh and the Full Indie Summit went pretty well. There wasn’t a whole lot of networking time between the talks, but we got a good demo session underway afterwards. Playtested the game with about fifteen people, and handed out about a hundred promo cards. Once again found myself wishing I had a better laptop. The integrated graphics on that thing are turning out to be a major drag. I basically have to run on the lowest possible settings to get a decent frame rate. But all in due time.

In case you don’t know where to find the campaign, here it is:¬†Iron Tides Kickstarter

– Peace and final kicks


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